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Passioni di Calabria is the brainchild of young people from Calabria and their passion for good food that reflects the traditions and culture of our homeland, Calabria.

The result is a perfect combination of quality, passion and innovation respecting our customs.


We take care of our land and this ensures that our products are always of high quality. The aim of Passioni di Calabria is to promote the culture of good Calabrian food in the world. For this reason we carefully select and take care of every single product, providing a professional service aimed at the needs of each and every one of our customers. Upon choosing Passioni di Calabria you are choosing to bring the best of Calabrian food and wine to your table.


Our products are seasonal: tomato puree, chilli pepper and extra virgin olive oil; delicious, tasty and above all genuine.

They are difficult to find in large-scale distribution as they are the result of manufacturing processes closely linked to the culture and heritage of the territory.

passioni di calabria


Passioni di Calabria is your trusted e-commerce. An online shop that looks to the future, but remains firmly anchored to the healthy traditions of Calabrian cuisine. Passioni di Calabria aims to take each individual customer on a journey through taste, to discover the treasures of Calabria. To ensure that the customer’s desires and needs are fully satisfied, our customer service is always available, from the purchase phase to after-sales; we follow the preparation of each order with professionalism and meticulousness, ensuring that delivery takes place in the shortest possible time

To facilitate the purchasing process for our customers, we have set up several channels:
-Online booking;
-Online assistant via email or chat;
-Receiving orders by phone;

Calabrian culture is now recognised all over the world, which is why our project is already available in Italian, English and German. Discover with us the pleasure and convenience of receiving directly to your home  flavours of a land rich in food and wine traditions.

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