The municipal territory of San marco Argentano (CS) stretches along an extensive plain. Here agriculture is, as in the rest of the region, the most important sector and there are large areas where agriculture is predominant as well as typical local crops.

View from the Torre Normanna - San Marco Argentano(CS)

The Cosenza area is very special, characterised mainly by mountains and hills. It stretches from the Ionian coast in the east to the Tyrrhenian coast in the west, from the Pollino Massif in the north to the Great Sila Plateau in the south-east. There are also plains such as that of Sibari, and large valleys, e.g. that of the Crati. Hilly areas slope to the north and east of the Sila Greca. There is great variety, even from coast to coast and on each mountain massif.

Cosenza, the provincial capital, also known as the city of the Bruzi, is one of the oldest cities in Calabria and stands on seven hills in the Crati valley, at its confluence with the Busento. Due to its cultural importance in the past, Cosenza was known as the Athens of Italy and today hosts the largest university campus in the country.


Olive cultivation in the valleys is very important and in the foothills areas at the foot of the Pollino and Sila mountains, which are well suited to olive cultivation, with food districts active in this sector, there is optimal production with products recognised on national and international markets.

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