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Hot Chili Pepper 212 gr

a blaze of flavour

Our product is made from fresh, hand-planted and hand-picked chilli peppers, the fruit of our tradition and therefore of superior quality. It is cut into small pieces, blanched with salt and vinegar and placed in extra virgin olive oil (EVO).

It is ideal to give a strong taste to your dishes and excellent when accompanied by Mediterranean and Oriental cuisine.

Ingredients: Calabrian chilli pepper, olive oil 35%, Salt.

Energia                     307 Kj/73 Kcal  
Grassi Totali 3,5 g
Grassi Saturi 0,8 g
Carboidrati Totali 9,6 g
Zuccheri 1,0 g
Proteine 1,0 g
Sale 3,8 g
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