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Tomate Puree 720 gr

Just like our grandparents used to make it.

Our tomato puree is prepared by hand with care and attention, just like our grandparents did. The secret to an excellent passata lies not only in the meticulous choice of Calabrian tomatoes such as sammarzano and all pulp, but also in the ripeness of the tomatoes; it is the latter that gives a strong and intense flavour to an excellent dish.

Before reaching the jars, the tomatoes go through several boiling and cooking vessels; a process given by the teaching of our ancestors, which has been handed down from generation to generation

Nutritional Values:

Grassi totali: 0,01 g; di cui acidi grassi saturi: 0,0 g; Carboidrati totali: 4,3 g; di cui zuccheri: 4,3; Fibre: 1,2 g; Proteine: 1,6 g; sale: 0,3 g.

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Recipes with tomato puree

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Pizza focaccia

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