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Fig Jam 212 gr

How our grandparents made it

For our fig jam, the ripest figs are selected manually to obtain the right level of natural sugar. After peeling, they are cut into wedges and then boiled in water until the product is obtained. Our jam can be combined with ripened cheese and cold cuts, a perfect combination of sweet and savory; but also with a slice of toast. The crunchiness of the bread and the sweetness of the jam are a paradise for your palate.

INGREDIENTS: Fresh figs 80%; Brown sugar; Lemon.

Nutritional Values:

Energia                     1041Kj/246 Kcal


Grassi Totali

3,5 g

Grassi Saturi

0,0 g

Carboidrati Totali

53 g


24 g


1,1 g


0,1 g

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